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Our Mission
We are a social network for good. Our initiative is built on the belief that the content we create belongs to all of us, and the revenue it produces should be shared, and used for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Our mission is to shift revenue from "The Social Network", a.k.a "Facebook" and move it to charitable causes determined by our users.
Our Revenue & Distributions
Sharitabl is not a charity, and we do not collect donations. We share social revenues that come from third party ads, sponsorships and partnerships. We retain a small amount to maintain the platform, and the majority of the earned revenue is then distributed to charities, and essential causes selected by our users. Funds will be distributed every month based on our overall earnings for that month.
Our Pledge
We pledge that our users will always determine which charitable organizations will receive our donations, and we pledge that we will always donate the majority of our after tax profits to those organizations. Our users votes will remain public and will be posted on our home page, in real time. We pledge to publicly post our monthly donations, and to be completely open and transparent with our finances by conducting annual third party audits.

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