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A Social Network For Good.

Imagine what $1 Billion dollars a month could do, for humanity and our planet...

Sharitabl is a social network initiative built around the idea that the content we create belongs to all of us, and the revenue it produces should be shared, and used for good.

Our mission is to shift revenue from "The Social Network", and move it to charitable causes around the world.

Together, we can truly make a difference.

A message from the Founder

Have you ever wondered what exactly Facebook does, to justify all that revenue?

The answer may surprise you, "not a whole heck of a lot"

The social networking behemoth earns over a BILLION dollars every month, by hosting a platform where you and I post our profiles, and share our lives with our friends and contacts. They're not building rockets, solving world hunger, or curing diseases. They're just hosting a platform.

The huge value of Facebook resides with You, and Me (Us).

Their financial empire has been built on the backs of our friends, and they continue to use our social reach to rake in enormous profits.

To quote Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank - Maybe it's time to: "Stop The Madness!!"

Sharitabl is a social networking platform that works just like Facebook, only with a MAJOR difference!! We're passing the ad revenue on to charities and global causes selected by our users.

We do not collect donations, or promote individual charities. We simply forward our earned revenue to charitable causes determined by you.

By doing this, we can make a huge difference, and help millions of people around the world.

Help our cause by showing your support

By switching to Sharitabl, you'll enjoy the same features that you have come to expect from your favorite social networking platform, and BEST OF ALL, you'll be helping to find cures for diseases, solving environmental issues, and fighting world hunger, just to name a few.

Look at what we can do together.

Below is an example of what our contributions would look like if just 1% of us switched from Facebook to Sharitabl.

Facebook Earns Over $1 Billion Per Month in Ad Revenue
$1 Billion X 1% = $10 Million
Voting Rank Charity / Cause Monthly Donation From Sharitabl
Breast Cancer Foundation $1,800,000
Feed The Children $1,500,000
African Wildlife Foundation $1,400,000
American Red Cross $1,200,000
National Kidney Foundation $   900,000
Habitat for Humanity $   800,000
Global Hunger Project $   700,000
Prevent Cancer Foundation $   600,000
Food For The Poor $   500,000
American Heart Association $   400,000
Animal Welfare Institute $   100,000
Arthritis National Research $   100,000
Boys and Girls Clubs $   100,000
Conservation Fund $   100,000
Direct Relief International $   100,000
Earthworks $   100,000
Environmental Defense Fund $   100,000
Family Care International $   100,000
Food and Water Watch $   100,000
Helping Hand for Relief $   100,000
International Children's Fund $   100,000
Jobs for the Future $   100,000
Medical Teams International $   100,000
Foundation for Parkinson's $   100,000
Alzheimer's Foundation $   100,000
Total: $10,000,000 Donated For 1 Month
Imagine what $10 Million dollars per month could do for these charitable causes.

And if we ALL switched, imagine what $1 Billion dollars per month could do!!

"Individually we're a drop, but together we're an ocean." This is the philosophy that drives our business model.

Facebook earns an average of about $1 to $2 per user, per month, in ad revenue. Individually, it's not a significant number, but added together, it's HUGE!! - Imagine if all that went for GOOD, instead of in their pockets!!

Here's how it works:
Switch from Facebook to Sharitabl. That's pretty much it. You'll enjoy all the same features:

  • Your custom personal or business profile
  • Post pictures & videos
  • Gain "Hearts" (similar to "Likes")
  • Status updates
  • Security settings
  • Custom URL's.
  • Friends
  • Interests
  • Messages
  • Event
  • Groups
  • News Feeds
  • More...
  • Best of All - You'll vote on your favorite charities!! You determine where the donations are sent.

Sending our revenue to Charities
We share social revenues that come from third party ads, sponsorships and partnerships. Once we gain enough users and economics are created through advertising, Sharitabl will retain a small amount to maintain the platform, and the majority of the earned revenue will be distributed to the charities selected by our users. Funds will be distributed every month based on our overall earnings for that month.

How are the Charities determined
Our users will determine the Charities that will receive the monthly donations by voting for their favorite charities, foundations, and global causes each month from The Sharitabl 100 list.

The Sharitabl 100 is a list of 100 charities or causes that will be listed on our platform for users to vote on. These are the charities that will have the opportunity to receive our monthly donations. The Sharitabl 100 will be determined by our Promotional and Financial Backers, prior to our official launch. (If you would like information on how to have your Charity or Foundation included on the Sharitabl 100, please contact us.)

The Sharitabl Top 25 are the charities or causes that will receive the monthly funds distributions. Once we go live, all Sharitabl users will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite charities from The Sharitabl 100 list. The top 25 out of the 100 receiving the most votes will be the ones receiving the funds distributions. Votes will be submitted and calculated monthly, and funds will distributed monthly.

The distributions will be determined in order of the most user votes, and will look something like this:

Rank #1: will receive 18% of the total funds
Rank #2: will receive 14% of the total funds
Rank #3: will receive 12% of the total funds
Rank #4: will receive 9% of the total funds
Rank #5: will receive 8% of the total funds
Rank #6: will receive 7% of the total funds
Rank #7: will receive 6% of the total funds
Rank #8: will receive 5% of the total funds
Rank #9: will receive 4% of the total funds
Rank #10: will receive 2% of the total funds
Rank #11-25: will receive 1% each of the total funds

  • As we grow, we will add to the number of Charities, and adjust the distributions accordingly.
  • Users will have the ability to make suggestions for new additions to The Sharitabl voting list.
  • If we receive enough requests for a particular Charity, we will add them to The Sharitabl voting list.
About Voting on Charities
  • Each Sharitabl user will have the opportunity to cast their vote once per month (anytime during each month)
  • If a user does not cast a vote for the new month, then their previous (last months) vote will be applied.
  • Each user can vote for their top 3 favorite charities, or causes from the list.
    Choice #1 = 1 vote
    Choice #2 = .5 vote
    Choice #3 = .25 vote
    All 3 choices must be different.
  • In addition to voting, users can suggest a Charity or Foundation to be add to The Sharitabl voting list.
  • Votes are calculated every month. The total votes and rankings will be listed on the "Live Vote Tracker" on our home page in real time. You can see your votes add up the minute you cast them.

Live Vote Tracker
(Example of our real time Live Vote Tracker on the home page)

  Charity / Cause
% Dist.
MTD Votes
  Breast Cancer Foundation
  Global Hunger Project
  Feed The Children
  African Wildlife Foundation
  American Red Cross
  Expand (View All)

Big Hearts

The bigger your heart the better. Users who have large followings, and more "Hearts" (a.k.a. more "Likes") will enjoy some additional benefit's with regards to suggesting and adding new charities to the voting list. We're working out the details and will provide more information as it becomes available.

If you've ever had the desire to do something good, or to help out in some way, but weren't exactly sure how, this is your perfect opportunity. Sharitabl is free, and always be! We do not promote any specific charities, or collect donations from our users - ever. We simply provide a social platform that belongs to all of us, and share our revenue with causes that you believe in, and you choose.
Join in, and help us help the world.
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